Landlord liable for contractor’s injury because of lack of banister

A judge has ruled that Hillingdon Homes is liable after a heating engineer fell down an open-sided staircase and injured his ankle, even though no one had considered the lack of banister to be a safety hazard.

In 2008, 42-year-old Mr Hannon was carrying out maintenance work to the central heating on two floors. On hearing a loud noise, he descended the open-sided staircase quickly and slipped, falling into an open area and injuring his left ankle. The banister had been removed by the existing tenant in 1991.
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Family takes legal action against Butlins after ‘holiday from hell’

A Yorkshire family is consulting with solicitors after their Butlins resulted in severe and long-lasting food poisoning, believed to be caused by poor food hygiene.

James de Ledger St Claire, partner Hayley Craven, their three daughters and seven extended family members became ill just days after arriving at a Butlins in Skegness. Some members of the family are still suffering from symptoms of gastroenteritis five months later, including four-year-old Daisy-Leigh, who had to be hospitalised.

Mr de Ledger St Claire claims that the restaurant food was undercooked and recycled there were ants around the buffet serving stations, and there was an overflowing sewage drain near the children’s play area.
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Why Are Couples Turning to Online Divorce?

Many divorce and family law solicitors in England and Wales offer online divorce advice for clients. The majority of discussions and consultations, however, are carried out in person or over the phone. Solicitors’ fees are often necessarily expensive, but many couples are heading into divorce with one eye on the cost. As fees rise and legal aid is set to stop next year, more married couples are expected to make use of online divorce services, which have been accused of posing a threat to conventional law firms.
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To What Extent Are Divorce Solicitors Socially Responsible?

Online divorce advice has a tendency to trivialise the process of separating from a spouse, while television, cinema and the media have managed to instil a brutal vision of divorce in the public consciousness. Sometimes divorce can be a simple, routine process. Sometimes it is the opposite. In all cases, divorce solicitors are on hand to provide professional help for their clients. But has the role of divorce solicitors extended beyond a purely legal capacity?
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Love thy neighbour: how to handle disputes

While we all dream of a perfect symbiotic relationship with our neighbours – somewhere between Ambridge and Friends – the reality is often rather different.

The Law Society has launched a guide to dealing with difficult neighbours, including when and how you should contact a solicitor.

However, before you take that serious – and expensive – step, you should try to resolve the situation yourself. To help you through that process, MyLawyer has a range of documents, drafted by our experts, in our ‘Neighbour disputes pack’. You can select the one that applies to your situation and tailor it before sending it to your neighbour or local authority.
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Fire and insufficient property insurance costs landlord £100,000

A residential landlord who failed to update necessary property insurance cover levels is set to pay out £100,000 after a tenant started a fire in their block of flats by cleaning car parts with petrol in the kitchen.

Total Landlord Insurance, which received a claim from the landlord for £400,000, warned against relying on an old policy. “In the current financial climate, it’s more crucial to look at the levels of cover rather than the bottom line premium,” explained CEO Eddie Hooker, who advised landlords to check that their cover is still valid and in line with today’s market conditions.
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Making a Will after Marriage or Divorce is Important

Many people would agree that there is life after divorce, but solicitors often argue that their clients should be more concerned about death. Making a will, for the majority of people at least, is a task that tends to be completed during marriage. After all, people usually wait until they find someone they love and care about before deciding how their property should be distributed upon death.
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Contemplating Divorce When Granting a Power of Attorney

Making a will is a task that most people consider at some point in their lives, as few wish to die intestate. Although making a will or setting up an equitable trust is important to ensure that certain people receive money or property after the testator’s death, the issue of granting a power of attorney is often overlooked. Even when it is considered, not everyone realises how divorce might complicate the situation.
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The Different Types of Power of Attorney (POA)

What is a POA?

A POA is a legally enforceable document that provides permission for someone (the attorney) to manage the affairs of a person (the donor) at a certain point in time or in specific circumstances. The POA is an important document because it ensures that personal matters, finances and property can be dealt with by a person who has been chosen by the donor. This ought to prevent the Court of Protection from assuming control over an individual’s affairs (though this can still happen if the power of attorney is made void for whatever reason).
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