Dancing on ice: how to minimise the risks

Sarah-Varani-150x150In case you haven’t noticed winter is most definitely here! Snow and freezing temperatures create a serious hazard, and can create a recipe for disaster considerably increasing the risk of accidents. However, with a liberal sprinkling of planning, and a few ounces of common sense, these can be avoided.

It might be worth considering relaxing any dress code during this cold snap so your staff can keep warm and cosy and wear sensible boots and shoes. Don’t forget if they take these off indoors sufficient space will need to be set aside for all this paraphernalia. You don’t want to solve your outside slipping issues only to have people breaking bones inside!

According to statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), slips and trips are the single most common cause of injuries at work, and account for over half of all reported injuries to members of the public. An estimated 940 000 working days per year are lost due to slips and trips costing  employers over £512m a year in lost production.
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6 degrees of separation? Be prepared for what lies ahead if you decide to divorce

Debbie Haskell - LawyerUnless you are one of the very lucky few who are able to resolve their differences with their spouse amicably, anyone going through it will tell you the same thing – a relationship break up is one of the most stressful events that they have ever been through.

With divorce and relationship break up ranking in the top 5 most stressful things to happen in your life, being prepared for what lies ahead, should you decide to take that final step, could help. Here’s our view of the 6 degrees of separation…

1st Degree: money matters

You think its over but what do you do? How do you live? Stretching two incomes into one is a daunting task but to be prepared what should you consider? Family law experts recommend that in an ideal world you ensure that you have bank accounts in your own name and access to sufficient funds for three months worth of living. Real life can be a lot harsher, so with money matters at the fore front of your worries we suggest that you consider the following:
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The Art of Induction: how to welcome and keep new employees

Sarah-Varani-150x150So you have finally made it through the long, often challenging process otherwise known as recruitment. And, much to your delight your ideal candidate has accepted your offer.  But don’t think that your job is done and you can sleep easy.

You now need to put the work in to make sure your new employee feels they have made the right decision in accepting your offer. For many, starting a new job is daunting and making new employees feel welcome will help reduce the stress they might be feeling.

But it’s not just about making new employees feel welcome. Research has shown that it’s critical to both early productivity and the long term retention of staff that every new employee is taken through an effective induction programme.  Many new starters make their decision to stay with a new company within their first week and nearly half of all employee turnover occurs within the first 90 days of employment.
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New Year legal compliance check list for your business

Sarah-Varani-150x150Along with the usual personal New Year’s resolutions such as keeping fit and healthy you should make sure your business is in its best shape too in the forthcoming year. If you are the owner of a small business, you will be familiar with the need to constantly juggle priorities as well as the pressure to make sure you are compliant with the many rules and regulations affecting the running of a business in this country.

To help you set your priorities for 2013, we have compiled a check list of the things your business needs to consider to ensure its continued success and to avoid costly penalties and potential claims.

Is it time to change your business structure? Many small businesses start as sole traders or partnerships but find that as the business grows there is a greater need to protect themselves from financial risks and benefit from more flexibility when it comes to taxes.
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New Year? New You? … New Will?

Christmas has come and gone, the presents have been opened and it is the time of year to savour some special moments with loved ones. The Fireworks have heralded in the New Year over Big Ben and your New Year resolutions have been made but besides vowing to change your diet or habits, had you thought of the need to ensure that your loved ones are protected on your death?

Life can be exciting, but also unexpected. And whilst it is quite natural to avoid thinking about ones own mortality, particularly when looking into a new year, having a Will can make things easier for family and friends left behind. It can guide them on how to mange your affairs and potentially reduce the possibility of family strife.
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