Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

Sarah-Varani-150x150Researchers at The University of Leicester published a paper on the association between sedentary time in adults and the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and death. They collected data from 18 individual studies and concluded there was a 112% increase in the relative risk of diabetes, a 147% increase in cardiovascular events and a 90% increase in the risk of cardiovascular mortality.
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Are property laws for unmarried couples unfair? The myth of the common law wife

Debbie-Haskell-150x150As I blogged recently, the number of cohabitating couples has steadily increased in the past years however it is still not uncommon for unmarried couples to ask about their common law rights.

Unfortunately even though a couple may have been living together for many years as husband and wife and perhaps even had children together, the law still treats co-habiting couples differently to married ones and no rights are acquired based on the length of the relationship. As such there is no express legislation that separating couples can refer to if their relationship breaks down; instead they have to rely upon a mixture of trust, property and contract law. Continue reading “Are property laws for unmarried couples unfair? The myth of the common law wife”

Consumers to remain at risk from non-regulated will writers – Caveat Emptor!

Sarah-Varani-150x150The Legal Services Board (LSB) (which is responsible for overseeing the UK’s legal regulators and ensuring they act in consumers’ interests) recently concluded a two-year investigation including a series of mystery shopping exercises, which revealed nearly 10 per cent of Wills produced by unqualified will writers would fail to due to invalid execution as well as one-in-five Wills being full of mistakes. Those who used unregulated will writers have no possible redress at all. However, if people had used regulated solicitors they would have redress through compulsory professional insurance indemnity schemes and the Legal Ombudsman.

The Government and in particular the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, Chris Grayling MP has chosen not to accept the recommendations by the LSB to regulate the industry under the terms of the Legal Services Act 2007.

LSB chair David Edmonds said ‘Naturally we are disappointed by the government’s decision. However, it is their decision alone to make and we will study the details and respond in due course’ he added ‘The LSB will work with MoJ officials, consumer groups, providers and other stakeholders to ensure that the issues are tackled and that consumers’ confidence in the market for will-writing services is increased.’
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